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You have no idea who you’re talking to

The good news is, we do

The limitations of conventional data and targeting techniques prevent marketers from understanding their best customers and prospects. Through a unique scoring methodology offered in partnership with Acxiom, Minds+MotivesSM reveals the diversity of Motivational StylesSM among consumers. Our approach offers new and unrivaled customer insight to further marketing initiatives, online and offline.

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The Four

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To make intelligent marketing decisions about your audience you need to know what constitutes your audience in the first place. Minds+Motives solves this dilemma by revealing the motivational makeup of your customers through a simple scoring process. Strangers no more — you’ll discover the personalities that were hidden in your database so you can message with greater vitality and relevance. Here is a look at the four main Motivational Styles.


Harmony | Authenticity | Connection | Community


Seeks a sense of goodwill and harmony.



Competence | Precision | Objectivity


Appreciates innovation and system-wide thinking.



Independence | Sensory-Experience | Action



Driven by in-the-moment thinking and the nature of
the experience.



Security | Facts | Utility | Correctness



Plays by life’s rules, shops with a list, time conscious,
prudent financially.


The Power of Four

Adding Motivational Styles to your existing segmentation is sure to increase your marketing effectiveness.

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One of the hallmarks of Motivational Styles is that it has both quantitative  and qualitative dimensions

Minds+Motives data facilitates a real understanding of people. It serves up a new picture — not simply what consumers look like on the outside, but how they think and feel on the inside.  For the creative staff of marketing firms who are tasked with the job of writing and designing communications, Minds+Motives represents new and fertile ground because what is reflected in Motivational Data are not static variables, but living realities. True portraits of the way people actually think, feel, and make decisions.

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Designed to enable more precise targeting, messaging, analysis, and strategic development.

Our Process

The first step is scoring your customer file to reveal:
Who’s there. Who isn’t there.
And who should be there.

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“They proved the value
of their approach to strategic planning
and customer understanding.”


Robert Aller

Financial Service Consultant

San Francisco, CA

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