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Motivational Styles — A unique enhancement to your online and offline marketing programs

It’s one thing to identify customers across multiple channels. It’s quite another to recognize their mindset and deeper motivations. Minds+Motives allows you to achieve both. The result?  More precise targeting and the ability to test and design messages that are more in sync with what’s really important to your audience.

Access Motivational Data

Motivational Data

Using online or offline data to identify the Motivational Styles of your customers and prospects

At the most fundamental level, all businesses depend on customers. Motivational Data is predicated on understanding them better, at more profound levels, than anything previously available. It lights up the most important dimension in communications: the pervasive influence of unconscious processing on consumer decisions. The quality, depth and recency of your customer data all play a part in building effective cross-channel programs. Please contact us if you have questions about how to leverage your data across multiple devices.


Minds+Motives humanizes data, helping businesses align their marketing assets with the hearts and minds of consumers

Because Minds+Motives is so intrinsic to who we are as people, most marketing departments quickly grasp the essentials of how to incorporate Motivational Styles into their programs. Still, there is always more to learn. For those companies who want to take a deeper dive into the theory and application, we’re available to offer further support. That includes strategic and creative consulting, product research and testing, and hands-on training.


Primary research can further align core motivations with key product benefits

By layering in Motivational Styles, market researchers gain a psychological framework to account for opinions in surveys, panels, and focus-groups. This ensures your study will not be confounded by any bias on the part of participants to whom, under normal circumstances, you may not attribute any psychological bias unless you had a way of screening for it. Minds+Motives can help design your study and, through our global affiliations, perform Motivational Style research in all major industrialized countries.

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Questions about the best way to incorporate Minds+Motives in your digital campaigns? Feel free to contact us.

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Your enterprise can access Motivational Data for a single project or on an ongoing basis

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Motivational Styles

Four Ways of
Thinking, Feeling,
Living, Loving,
Being — and Buying

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Our Process

The first step is scoring your customer file to reveal:
Who’s there. Who isn’t there.
And who should be there.

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